Café Les Renards is a coop-run café and library operated by members of Echo House, a non-profit arts collective. All profits from the café go toward supporting the work of artists in residence at Echo House. Through this non-profit structure we are able to provide free space, time and resources for artists whose work does not register in the economics of grant funding or market profitability.
Marginalia is a free participatory library. Borrow a book from our growing collection and engage with the text by leaving some trace of your experience in the margins: notes, questions, scribbles, drawings, collage, a leaf, a poem, etc. Please be sure to type your name, email and the book title on the typewriter before taking a book, and drop it off with us at the counter whenever you’re finished reading/writing.

Records for Regulars is a jukebox-style record player at the café. Select an album from our vinyl collection or bring your own favorite vinyl to play at the café :)

For more info, check out the Echo House website: www.echohouse.com. Sign up for our email list, or send us a message if you’re interested in getting involved.
See you soon :)